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Our Mission


The Family Institute of Virginia is a private center professionally equipped to provide a broad range of therapeutic services to families and individuals and advanced training for mental health professionals.  The institute also conducts specialized research in both practice and theory of how best to respond to individuals and families in distress.  Established in 1977 by its Director, Joan E. Winter, Ed.D., the Institute is located in a restored home in Richmond, Virginia.


The Institute’s 360 Services is a comprehensive, community-based course of assessment and therapy that uses an interdisciplinary approach, which touches virtually every aspect of life.  It involves the whole family, whose insights are critical in identifying underlying issues and appropriate treatment options for those in need.

Therapy is a process of learning, discovery, and growth- enabling people to lead more fulfilling lives.  Much of it’s progress rests upon an individual’s or family’s commitment to change.  Read more

The Family Institute offers multi-dimensional care to families is crisis with the 360 Services program.  CLICK HERE to learn about our comprehensive services.