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Alex DeJulio, BSW

Alex DeJulioAs a qualified mental health provider, Alex has over five years of experience working with children and adults possessing severe mental health and substance addiction disorders. After working in Richmond’s foster care system and as an academic tutor, Alex joined the Family Institute of Virginia’s staff in 2011 as a life coach.

Alex’s experience includes teaching independent living skills such as cooking and basic finance, and has provided academic tutoring to children, ranging from elementary school age to adults.
Since 2012, Alex DeJulio has served as senior life coach for the 360 Services Program at The Family Institute of Virginia. In his capacity of Senior Life Coach, Alex trains and supervises the coaches in our 360 Treatment Program.

Alex provides life coaching and case management services to clients of all ages including young adults and elderly clients with dementia. Alex serves as a liaison between our clients and our clinical and psychiatric staff.
Alex DeJulio is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, and holds a Bachelor of Social Work.