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Hours: You can make arrangements for an appointment by telephoning the Institute between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday at 804-355-6876.
Cancellations: To avoid being charged, you must cancel any appointment 48 hours in advance. Monday appointments must be cancelled no later than Thursday morning. Exceptions will be made only by your therapist for illness or emergency. This policy is necessary since time in which to schedule appointments is limited. Your appointment time has been reserved for you only and cannot easily be rescheduled for someone else at the last minute.
Messages: Sometimes you may need to contact your therapist by phone. Since we are usually conferring with clients, it is often difficult to reach us directly. Our secretaries can handle most questions regarding billing, appointments, or messages. If you need to speak personally with your therapist, we ask that you leave your name and number with the secretary, which enables us to return your call at the earliest opportunity. Messages may be left with our answering service after hours. In any emergency, the answering service will contact your therapist for you. If he or she cannot be reached, another therapist will return your call.
Payment: In response to rising costs of bookkeeping the Institute has adopted a payment procedure more economical to our clients. A 5% fee reduction will be applied to all fees paid in full at the time of the visit. It is our preference that all charges he paid at the end of each session. Several payment options are accepted: cash, check, Choice, Visa or MasterCard. In certain instances, your therapist may arrange for you to be billed on a monthly basis. Payment is then expected no later than the last day of the month. After this date, there will be a finance charge on any unpaid balance.
Insurance Reimbursement: Many of our clients have medical insurance policies which cover a portion of the cost of outpatient psychotherapy. If you have such a policy, we will assist you in preparing forms for your claims. Again, it is expected that you will pay the fee in full at the time of your visit and be reimbursed from your insurance company. Please remember that although we will assist you with insurance claims, you assume ultimate responsibility for payment.
Some insurance policies require that psychotherapy submitted for reimbursement must be under the supervision of a physician. If you have this type of coverage, it will be necessary for you to meet periodically with our physician. Charges for medical supervision are reimbursable and will be submitted along with your regular office visits.