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Residential Program 1

Residential Program

A different approach

Most in-patient treatment centers isolate patients from the community around them.  We believe that in order to succeed, it is imperative that people with mental health disorders or chemical addiction learn how to live comfortably in the world around them.  With the supervision and guidance of our life coaches, patients experience a safe, supportive environment without isolating them from society.

How it works

We help patients procure an apartment in Richmond, VA on a short-term, renewable lease.  During the initial months, a life coach is present at all hours, including overnight. Coaches are responsible for transporting clients, ensuring clients maintain a hygienic, sanitary home and that clients are abiding by the therapeutic plan established by our clinical staff.  We maintain the supervision and accountability of a 24 hour residential setting, but without the confining environment.

Promoting growth

After patients have become adjusted to their new routine, our clinical staff and coaches develop a set of long-term goals.  Patients receive a combination aptitude/personality examination that determines their individual strengths, and how they could apply to a long-term career.  Patients then embark on a course towards achieving this goal, whether it be taking college courses, attending a trade school or pursuing a specific occupation.  As patients grow more capable, our coaches allow them to spend more time independently, until their presence is no longer needed.