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Family Institute Services

The Family Institute staff is composed of the full range of clinical professions and each staff member possesses areas of distinctive competence.

All members of the multidisciplinary staff are licensed by the State of Virginia, and in addition to their graduate degrees have received advanced training from a number of internationally recognized authorities such as Milton Erickson, Murray Bowen, Virginia Satir, and Carl Whitaker.

One feature of the clinical staff is their unique capability to work both individually and collaboratively with a case. For example, in a divorce situation, the couple and their children may require separate therapists who can collaborate regarding the family members’ respective needs and issues. The special expertise and collaborative skills of the Family Institute’s staff enables them to provide a comprehensive intervention in a variety of systems.

What We Offer

At the Family Institute a diversity of modalities and services are available

Individual Therapy

Marital and Family Therapy

Stress Management


Psychological Evaluations

Child Custody Evaluations

Legal and Court Evaluations

Intensive Assessment

The first step towards healing is properly identifying the problem.

Every patient that enters the 360 Services Program participates in an in-depth, multiple-session evaluation with our therapists and psychiatrist.

Residential Program

A different approach

 Most in-patient treatment centers isolate patients from the community around them.  We believe that in order to succeed, it is imperative that people with mental health disorders or chemical addiction learn how to live comfortably in the world around them.

Life Coaching

For over 20 years, we have defined excellence in providing one-on-one care through our life coaching program.  We have treated hundreds of people from all walks of life. 

You’ll receive expert care from our attentive staff and highly trained physicians. Together, we’ll design a treatment plan that meets your needs and gets you on the road to recovery as soon as possible…so you can spend more time doing the things that give you comfort and improve self-esteem.

FIV 360 Services for families

The Institute’s 360 Services is a comprehensive, community-based course of assessment and therapy that uses an interdisciplinary approach, which touches virtually every aspect of life.

Clinical Supervision
Program Consultation
AAMFT Supervision
Licensure Supervision
Therapy for Professionals and their families

These techniques allow the Family Institute to address a broad range of problems and topics

School Problems


Women’s Issues

Adolescent Problems

Marital and Family Conflict

Remarriage and Stepfamilies